Who are we?

We are an ISO-certified analytical laboratory based in Vienna, which has set itself the goal of supporting small and large producers and farmers in the cannabis market in terms of yield increase and risk management. Our tailor-made analyzes help to achieve production targets, regardless of whether you want to propagate plants or certify finished products. From gender determination to screening for pathogens or cannabinoid analyses, we have got you covered!

First things first

Our Vision

We specialize in advanced consulting and testing services, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies into cannabis research and production. Our mission is to empower producers and consumers, elevating the standards of quality in the dynamic cannabis market. We are confident that this strategic approach is the key to establishing long-term sustainability in the fiercely competitive industry.

Let us grow together, with science!

And now for the details

What does Altus stand for?



With us you are always at the cutting edge of science in terms of cannabis analysis.



Our Analyses are ensured by a quality management system with regular calibrations using certified reference standards. Our laboratory is ISO 9001 certified.



We quickly answer any E-Mail inquiries you might have and deliver analyseis results within 2-3 business days.


Confidential testing

At Altus Biolabs we treat your samples absolutely anonymously. Your data is not passed on to any third party.


Use cutting edge science and state of the art technology for a successful growth