Cannabis tissue culture

Cannabis Tissue Culture is the most efficient way to achieve consistent and scalable results in hemp plant production. We propagate plant cuttings under sterile laboratory conditions. Instead of soil or coconut, a special nutrient medium is used in which the plants can exploit their full potential. Tiny parts of the plant are cut off and sterilized and new clones are created from them. Due to the extensive cleaning measures before placing it in the medium, the new plant is absolutely pest- and certified virus-free.

cannabis in vitro propagation, cannabis tissue culture
cannabis tissue culture
Tissue culture

The advantages

  • optimal genetic stability
  • pest and virus free
  • space and energy saving
  • increased yield
  • consistent high performance of the plants
  • production security
  • proven quality from our ISO -certified lab
  • the new gold standard in crop production
Tissue culture

Our services

  • Nodal culture: Removes pests and most fungi.
  • Meristematic tissue culture: Removes even stubborn viruses and fungi.
  • Cannabis gene-banking: We store your valuable strains in tissue culture, where they retain their properties and remain available to you.
  • Production of elite mother plants in the laboratory.
  • Consulting

Cannabis plants are your livelihood and your business depends on them? Genetically weakened or infected plants can cause severe economic loss?

Contact us now to ask how we can help preserve your most valuable plants!


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